Drone Photos of Club Grounds During 2018 Heatwave


Thanks to Finian Guinan for sending us along these photos taken over the weekend. 

As anyone who has been on our Grounds over the past few weeks will know, the pitches have held up relatively well during the extreme weather conditions. However as you can see from these photos, the heatwave has of course taken a toll, and not since we laid our pitch all those years ago, have we seen the drains as clearly as we do now. Its a credit to our Grounds Committee Chairman Jim Morrin, and our Groundsman Johnny Brennan, that our pitches are holding up so well, especially given how, not an evening or day goes by without some team training or playing on both our pitches. 

We thank Jim and Johnny for their hard work.

If you look in the foreground on this photo, it is most likely the last one taken of the old boundary ditch, which was removed only hours later to allow for the creation of parking spaces as part of the Town & Village Scheme

Our pitch showing the scars from the recent dry spell. High impact areas in the central spine of the pitch holding up well, and a credit to our mentors who make every effort to spread out the impact when training and setting up for mini games.

Our Hurling Ball Wall in the background. It is due to be much changed in just a few short weeks, once Littlewoods Ireland & ALL OUT DESIGN complete their mural

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