Strategic Planning


Since the turn of the century the Club has placed a great emphasis on Strategic Planning as a means to mapping  the future of the Club. 

The first of these plans focused on Structures and Coaching and creating from scratch our own underage structures (our Ratheniska Rascals Nursery), much of which laid the groundwork for successes on the fields in the early 2020's. The emphasis was on exposing all boys and girls at a young age to an experience and an environment that was safe, fun, and dynamic. It was a vastly ambitious plan, but it did set out our goals and wishes and was very important in allowing us begin upon the road to development and growth over the past 20 years. 

The second plan pushed this on further with the creation of the Coaching Officer Role, while also focusing on greater Development work on the grounds which saw the Clubhouse Extension, Ball Wall, Equipment Shed, new Scoreboard and fully lit Walking Track. There have been massive improvements to our Grounds and is a credit to everyone involved in the Club over the past 30 years or so. What has been achieved would not have been possible without the commitment of those who went before us.

In setting about developing our third Strategic Club Plan for mapping out the next decade of growth from 2023-2030, the focus was very much on building on the solid foundations that already existed. The results of both plans have been plain to see for all. Our playing numbers have increased across all age groups, both our Men’s & Ladies adult football teams are competing at Senior levels, with strong second teams backing them up. We operate on our own at all levels in Football, as does our Ladies Club, while our Hurling Club Park/Ratheniska-Timahoe is competitive across the board at underage levels and competing in “A” competition in many cases. This is all down to the hard work being carried out at all levels in our Club and can be traced back to both of our previous Strategic Plans.

Considering these achievements and others, we entered the process of creating a new Strategic Plan to see the Club through the coming decade. Our use of the grounds and numbers continue to grow, which is a testament to the hard work by the Club and its volunteers, but it brings its own issues and ones we must plan for and adapt to. This document will help us to build on what has been achieved and plan for the future needs of our members and local Community. 



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